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Elegy: Watersong    by Amanda Hocking order for
by Amanda Hocking
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Elegy is the exciting (and at times gory) conclusion to Amanda Hocking's popular Watersong series (following Wake, Lullaby and Tidal). The series premise is that long ago muses' daughters were cursed to become immortal sirens - they had to keep their number as four to survive and needed to feed on men (in harpy form).

In Wake, sirens Penn, Lexi and Thea needed a fourth to survive. They came to Capri and bewitched sixteen-year-old Gemma into becoming one of them. Since then, she, her boyfriend Alex, her elder sister Harper and the latter's boyfriend Daniel have sought a way to break the spell - and also to survive encounters with the ruthless sirens, in particular their leader Penn.

In Tidal, Penn developed an amorous interest in Daniel, who was forced to accede to some extent to save the lives of those he loves. He did not tell Harper (who was heading to college) what was happening and of course that will come back to haunt him in this final episode. After some misunderstandings, Gemma and Alex are back together, but she knows that her time is running out fast, as she refuses to kill to survive.

Now as Elegy opens, Lexi is dead and Penn has added another siren to the group, Harper's college roommate Liv. She takes to her new powers with a vengeance and is almost impossible to control. Penn persistently stalks Daniel, while Gemma, Harper and their colorful friend Marcy continue to seek ways to break the curse and to understand the ancient scroll that Thea helped them find.

Daniel worries about Harper's finding out his agreement with Penn and also encourages Gemma to work to control her monster as she will need it to survive a siren attack. How can this not end badly? You'll just have to read this final episode to find out; it's well worth your time!

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