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Last Lawyer Standing: A Kevin Corvelli Mystery    by Douglas Corleone order for
Last Lawyer Standing
by Douglas Corleone
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Last Lawyer Standing is the third (following One Man's Paradise and Night on Fire) in Douglas Corleone's colorful Kevin Corvelli mystery series, set in Honolulu, Hawaii. Corvelli is a hard-drinking defense attorney, partnered with the older Jake Harper.

In Night on Fire, he saved four-year-old Josh from a conflagration; was involved in an unprofessional liaison with his lovely client, Erin, but lost her to suicide; accused prosecutor Luke Maddox of misconduct; and was stabbed in the abdomen. Now, as Last Lawyer Standing opens, he's addicted to painkillers and embroiled in two investigations.

First, Governor Wade Omphrey hires him after his mistress is poisoned with strychnine (the FBI is looking into the Governor's possible involvement in the case, perhaps by hiring the killer). Though Omphrey was off the island at the time the deed was done, he's up for re-election and concerned about protecting his image.

The second situation is even tougher though closer to Corvelli's heart. A career criminal but nice guy, Turi Ahina, once saved his life and Corvelli owes him, big time. Ahina is picked up in a DEA sweep of a meth lab, and the only way for him to avoid thirty years in a maximum-security prison is for them both to participate in a perilous FBI plan to trap the mysterious big boss, drug dealer Orlando Masonet.

Lots to take on but Kevin has unexpected help. His ex-boss in New York asks him to hire as an unlicensed investigator young Scott Damiano, 'an ex-con with a contract out on his head'. He turns out to be a lifesaver, until a hit man comes to Honolulu.

As always there's a romantic interest for Kevin, this time AUSA Audra Levy who's working the Turi Ahina case - and as always, it goes badly, especially after she's poisoned. Then Turi (released as a CI) is arrested for the murder of a police officer - he did the deed but seems to have had good reason; can Kevin possibly win this case when it comes to trial?

Last Lawyer Standing has an explosive ending that sends Corvelli (part lawyer, part action hero) back to hospital, but he can rest easy as he won justice for all. This series is often improbable but always great fun.

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