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The Right Side of Wrong    by Reavis Z. Wortham order for
Right Side of Wrong
by Reavis Z. Wortham
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Constable Cody Parker of Center Springs, Texas, is ambushed and nearly killed on a back road during an unusually heavy snow fall. A newcomer finds him and rescues him from bleeding and/or freezing to death. Constable Ned Parker feels that a series of unconnected murders is somehow tied in to the attempt on his nephew Cody's life. What is happening in this little corner of northeast Texas to disrupt the peaceful life of its residents?

Many wonderful characters pepper the pages of The Right Side of Wrong by Reavis Z. Wortham: there's Judge O. C. Rains, a cranky, older man with his hands still on the reigns of his courthouse; Isaac Reader, a little, tense farmer; the Wilson boys Ty Cobb and Jimmy Fox, named after baseball players; Tom Bell, an old man who appears out of the mist who seems to know his way around the world; Deputy John Washington, who being black, takes care of things on the other side of the tracks; and Ned's pre-teen grandchildren Top and Pepper who believe in doing their own investigating.

Enough to parlay the whole kit and caboodle into a really good read. There's something happening throughout the book but when the action crosses the border into Mexico, hold onto your hat.

This novel was a delight to read. The dialogue seems right on the button with the colloquialisms of this part of Texas and the culture of a peaceful folk. This is the third of the Rock Hill Mysteries, the first of which was highly acclaimed by Kirkus Reviews.

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