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She Went All the Way
by Meggin Cabot
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2002 (2002)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Lou Calabrese is Hollywood's most celebrated screenwriter - she not only wrote Hindenburg, a film dubbed 'a triumph of the human spirit', she also penned the monumentally successful Copkiller movies, an action-adventure series that has made her a rich woman, and made a megastar of Jack Townsend. Life should be good. Today, however, Lou isn't feeling all that happy with her life. Why? Her long-time actor boyfriend, Barry, dumped her and eloped with a young starlet. Worse, Lou has to share a chopper ride with the temperamental, moody and all too sexy, Jack Townsend - whose ditzy girlfriend happens to be the very woman her two-timing ex ran off with! No, her life pretty much stunk.

When their chopper pilot calmly announces he's been paid a lot of money to kill Jack, Lou's day only gets worse. Using ploys from a Copkiller script, she and Jack manage to disarm the pilot, but not before the chopper crashes, leaving them stranded in snowstorm. After a few days of eluding more assassins, being stranded in a second blizzard, constantly bickering while trying to deny their growing attraction, Lou and Jack are finally rescued. Lou is determined to forget about Jack and the steamy night they spent talking and making love in a cozy hunting cabin - and to forget his suggestion that they move in together. She's a woman who values monogamy and commitment; Jack was a man who jumped from affair to affair without thought of the hearts he trampled in his wake. They'd never be happy together. But when Jack's shadowy assassin strikes not once, but twice (the second time almost killing them both in a mine cave-in), Lou and Jack admit their love and embrace it with a renewed commitment.

Meggin Cabot is the creative genius behind the young adult series, The Princess Diaries. In She Went All the Way, Cabot crosses over into distinctly adult territory with a very sure hand, giving readers great characters, smart dialogue, fine writing and pacing, and what at times is an almost zany plot. She also takes some very direct pokes at Hollywood that are laugh-out-loud funny. Lou and Jack's relationship crackles, sparks and then smoulders off the pages. There's also a very sweet budding romance between Lou's retired cop dad, Frank, and Jack's very upper crust mother, Eleanor, and her furry little dog, Allisandro. She Went All the Way is a savvy and delightful modern romance that's guaranteed to please.

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