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Nightwatcher    by Wendy Corsi Staub order for
by Wendy Corsi Staub
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2012 (2012)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In her thriller Nightwatcher, Wendy Corsi Staub has a serial killer plying his trade before, during and after the horrific events of 9/11 in New York City.

The story (in fact the trilogy that this thriller launches) centers on Allison Taylor, who loves big city life. She lives in an apartment, and has befriended an upstairs neighbor, Kristina. Allison finds James 'Mack' MacKenna, who lives across the hall, attractive. Unfortunately he's a married man. But Mack and his wife Carrie are having problems - he wants children and she does not.

The author shares Allison's thoughts with readers, but also those of Jamie, wrestling with 'reckless urges' to snuff out the lives of those who'd 'chosen to commit the heinous acts that had sealed their own fates.' Jamie killed twice before. A new victim will be Allison's friend Kristina. We wonder, who is this killer? Could it be the apartment building's handyman Jerry? Is it Mack? Or someone else entirely?

It's during the chaos of post 9/11 New York that Allison and Mack (the latter grieving over the disappearance of his wife who worked on the 104th floor of the north tower) check up on Kristina and find her corpse. NYPD homicide detective Rocky Manzillo investigates, helped by his lifelong friend, FBI profiler Vic Shattuck. Soon there's another victim in a different building. And the killer sets his sights on Allison.

Wendy Corsi Staub gives readers a nicely convoluted murder plot (with a touch of romance and a twisty ending) in Nightwatcher, set against the heartbreak and chaos of 9/11 New York. Next in this scary trilogy is Sleepwalker, followed by Shadowkiller.

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