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Riptide Ultra-Glide    by Tim Dorsey order for
Riptide Ultra-Glide
by Tim Dorsey
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Tired of the winter already? Want to head south for a warmer climate perhaps to Florida to shake the winter blues? Take my advice and stay right where you are. Read Riptide Ultra-Glide by Tim Dorsey and you might agree to stay put - at least until you hear that Serge and Colman have been locked behind barred windows.

Having been laid off, a husband and wife (Pat and Bar) decide to take a vacation before they start looking for new jobs. Where to go in the depths of winter? Florida, of course. That's their first mistake. Their second one? Making a reservation at the place where Pat and his family stayed when he was a child! From then on, they suffer one calamity after another.

Lost luggage. Indifferent motel staff. Theft at the beach. Uncooperative police. Dodging bullets when two warring factions of the illicit drug trade duke it out with guns. And that is just the beginning of what was to be a time of restful sun bathing on the beach. Then our old friends Serge and Colman show up on their beach, where Serge plays games with jelly fish. Poor Pat.

Soon the plot disintegrates into outright delight. We all know these two men are wanted by the police. Serge and Colman are oblivious to the search for them. They wander about correcting what they consider wrongs - such as rudeness, traffic misconduct, and so on. Something you or I might only dislike, Serge feels needs to be brought to the attention of the miscreants. His method of meting out punishment is ingenious but horrifying. And while Serge exists on bottled water, Colman ingests any herb that comes his way.

There's too much to this gun-charged plot to go more deeply into it. Treat yourself to some great chuckles and even greater belly laughs. I double guarantee you hours of fun with Riptide Ultra-Glide. Tim Dorsey is the author of sixteen novels and lives in Florida.

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