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Cover of Snow    by Jenny Milchman order for
Cover of Snow
by Jenny Milchman
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Maybe she should have known something was wrong, or maybe not. But when Nora Hamilton discovers her husband, Brendan, has committed suicide, she is faced with some difficult questions.

After the initial shock wears off, the widow, who lives in the Adirondack Mountains, realizes that her spouse left no note. The more she mulls over the situation and the days leading up to the discovery, Nora begins to believe that there's more here than meets the eye.

Why would a well respected police officer who loved his wife and enjoyed serving his small rural community suddenly and inexplicitly decide to take his own life?

The more she searches for an explanation, the more Nora finds an odd and suspicious resistance from her husband's colleagues and even his mother. Something isn't right. As she continues to seek answers to questions people don't want to hear, Nora begins to understand that there's a conspiracy here and someone will do just about anything to keep the village's secrets hidden.

This thriller heralds the debut of a New Jersey woman who has been teaching writing for a while. Jenny Milchman has shown here she definitely can practice what she preaches - this is unquestionably the beginning of what will be a sterling career as a suspense author.

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