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Bullets Are My Business: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery    by Josh K. Stevens order for
Bullets Are My Business
by Josh K. Stevens
Order:  USA  Can
Dutton, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Levi Maurice is an alcoholic, chain-smoking, hard ass hit man. Levi has never really had what you call luck with the dames either. He lives pay check to pay check because that is what being a hit man is to him. It's never personal; it's just about the money. Levi lives in an apartment with his cat Luna and just down the hall is his friend Jacks, a crooked cop. Levi has always been ready for anything, with his smart ass mouth and a back up plan to rectify just about any trouble he gets himself into.

All of a sudden he find himself on the receiving end - there is a hit out on him. How the tables have turned. To top things off, envelopes keep popping up with a note inside asking him for help. Not like he needs this now, he has to stay ahead of the game any way he can. So he asks Jacks and his sister Chenille to help him find answers before it's to late. Hell, he even has a sexy new girlfriend and she doesn't seem to be who she says she is. The deeper he digs the faster time runs out and all he wants to know is who is going to be in the coffin besides himself.

Dark, fast, violent and deadly are the adjectives that come to my mind to depict this read. It gives a good look into a hit man's life when the tables are turned. I enjoyed, and almost felt sorry for, the assassin. I liked his comebacks and quips whenever he found himself in deep water. The humour was sharp and dark all at the same time. Bullets Are My Business is well worth the read.

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