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The Underground Ring: Book One    by M. M Reid order for
Underground Ring
by M. M Reid
Order:  USA  Can
Self, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Deep in a forest far removed from society live a man and his son Augrais. Fifteen-year-old Augrais wants to explore the world, to see all the interesting things he has heard of in his father's tales. One day he decides to follow his father, to find out what he does each day. He ends up submerged under a log in a river. When he screams for help, his father comes but leaves him there to die. Rage awakens Augrais' magic and he ends up saving himself. His father is proud and now his training begins.

Returning from a mission Augrais witnesses his father's murder and vows revenge on the killer. His father's friend Lokus takes him and three new friends under his wing, training them to be warriors to fight the shadows. Augrais advances faster than his friends and becomes a Master Mystic. But the power goes to his head. When the four are sent on a mission to save the Pagan from the Shadows and end a slaughter, Augrais is faced with a hard decision. The four Mystics need to blend as one in order to stop the war going on all around them, or the world will be doomed. Will power corrupt and destroy them, or will Augrais release the monster that is slowly building within him?

I found this story gripping right from the beginning. What I found most intriguing was how it kept twisting into something darker with every page - you end up having a love/hate relationship with a few of the main characters which keeps things very interesting. The ending blew me right out of the water, and left me anxious for more. I recommend The Underground Ring to fantasy readers of all ages.

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