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by Gina Linko
Order:  USA  Can
Random House, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Eighteen-year-old Emery Land has suffered from seizures for as long as she can remember. Emery is sure that her seizures are time loops. She thinks she's traveling to the past or the future. When she was young, she thought looping was normal. Her seizures changed as she got older. She is spending more time in the loops. Sometime she visits the future, but often she visits a young boy in the past. She doesn't know his name so she thinks of him as 'her boy.'

Now her seizures are stronger, more frequent and longer in duration. They are affecting her health in ways that could lead to her death. She is hospitalized in a special hospital where an entire team of doctors is trying to find ways to control her seizures. Her dad is a scientist and he is part of her medical team. This should make her feel safer, but his interest is as clinical as that of the other team members.

The doctors are supposed to get her seizures under control, but they seem to be more interested in studying her than stopping the seizures. They don't take her theory of time travel seriously. As the seizures continue, it looks like she'll be hospitalized until she dies. Her dad is no longer her dad. He is just a member of her medical team.

Finally, Emery can take it no longer. She slips out of the hospital, discards her cell phone and takes a bus to Esperanza in Michigan's upper-peninsula. The last time she visited her boy, he mentioned Esperanza. Was he referring to the town? She hopes she'll find clues there that will prove her theory of time travel. Emery must keep a step ahead of her medical team who want her to come back to the hospital and resolve her seizures before it's too late.

Flutter is not just another time travel book. The plot is fresh and the characters will make you care.

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