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Cured    by Donna Huston Murray order for
by Donna Huston Murray
Order:  USA  Can
Lightning Source, 2012 (2012)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

If you are acquainted with author Donna Huston Murray's Ginger Barnes series, you will welcome her new series. She always writes a tight plot with all the bells and whistles anyone could possibly want. She also has a flair for hiding clues that lead up to a calamitous denouement. As she does in the flag ship of this entrancing new series Cured.

Having gone through a devastating encounter with cancer, Lauren Louise Beck has been supportive of her dear friend Corinne's final days, Corinne finally succumbing to the dread affliction. At the funeral services, Corinne's daughter Nina turns on her mother's best friend and accuses her of murdering Corinne! Not only is the accusation a total shock to Lauren but it complicates her life because she is now living in the dead woman's home. Nina wants her gone from the house and her life.

So starts an engaging and suspenseful story of the power of rumor and the resulting heartbreak that can be its aftermath. Scarp Poletta, a homicide detective as well as the other half of their twosome some time ago, appears to give Lauren a shoulder to cry on. While Nina continues with her declaration at the funeral and promises to see Lauren in prison, Lauren discovers that Nina had received an anonymous phone call telling her Lauren had done her mother in.

The tale moves from here into investigative work to prove Nina wrong, and to restore Lauren's reputation. Suspense builds as pages turn all too soon to the ending. Is what Lauren begins to suspect really happening? Don't miss it!

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