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The Rendition    by Albert Ashforth order for
by Albert Ashforth
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Oceanview, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

If the action that takes place in Albert Ashforth's The Rendition is in the least bit what could actually happen, or has already happened, I think we as citizens in this grand old country of ours should take a good look at the people supposedly running the U.S. government.

The action takes off running on the first page with Alex Klear, a veteran intelligence officer, involved in a plot to commit a rendition of a high ranking Kosovan military officer for questioning. Rendition being the word used for kidnapping someone, for the intelligence they might provide on a current war or skirmish. Of course, this must be hush-hush because the world must not know that the United States would do any such thing.

Many times the renditioned are rushed off to another country where they are held incognito and possibly tortured for their important information. Unfortunately for Klear, his mission failed and he was captured and tortured. Now, this early in a plot, we can't have the hero incapacitated. Klear survives to come up against an old girl friend, for whom he has carried a torch for years. He now, though, is under the command of another woman, a colonel.

Klear and this colonel don't see eye to eye. Even so, he is coerced into one more mission which could very well be his last. Every emotion is brought into play here as the reader can empathize with Klear in not wanting to continue in the life. However, the scenario put to him really leaves him with no other choice but to do his damndest to follow his orders and manage to stay alive.

The Rendition is well written by a man who seems to know his subject. Albert Ashforth, among other positions, served as an instructor at the 10th Group Special Forces Headquarters, and as a military contractor with numerous postings abroad. For all the thrills you could possibly want, pick up a copy of The Rendition and indulge yourself.

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