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Resurrection Express    by Stephen Romano order for
Resurrection Express
by Stephen Romano
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

The action is fast, furious and unrelenting in Stephen Romano's Resurrection Express, an exceptional debut thriller. Its star is Elroy Coffin, whose father Ringo was a professional killer and who was well trained by master thief Axl Gange to be 'the high tech future of criminal enterprise.'

Elroy has survived his time in a maximum-security prison through his martial arts skills that have earned him respect. He is expecting an early release through the Fixer his father hired. After that he plans to kill the man he once worked for, the monstrous David Hartman, who took and then killed his beloved wife Toni, and who put a bullet in Elroy's head that has taken his memories of Toni's face.

Events take an unexpected turn when the wealthy and powerful Jayne Jenison, who has a 'killer behind her eyes', visits Elroy in jail. She tells him that his father, whom he believed murdered by Hartman, is alive and working for her, and that Toni is alive too. She offers to arrange Elroy's release if he will agree to help her find Toni and her own kidnapped daughter. Of course, he agrees.

Before plans are finalized, Hartman strikes, 'the world fills with thunder', and innocents die. Always only a half step ahead of pursuit, Elroy uses his hacking skills, 'riding the datastreams' to locate Hartman and find out what Resurrection Express is all about. When he meets Toni, he doesn't know if it's really her. And when he finally does understand Jenison's grand plan, it's a real shocker in a world at war.

Romano's story is brutal and bloody, and reads like an action movie script. But if you enjoy an explosive, suspenseful thriller with science fictional elements and surprises around every corner, you will not go wrong with Resurrection Express.

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