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The Calling: Luther    by Neil Cross order for
by Neil Cross
Order:  USA  Can
Touchstone, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

This very popular cop show, which is being called one of 'BBC TV's most provocative thrillers', comes to its fans as a standalone crime novel and gives us a chance to meet the protagonist, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, on the printed page.

John Luther is a 'murder detective, a near genius, intense, instinctive, obsessional and dangerous'. He has the respect of his fellow officers. No one says a negative word about him but there is a feeling that there is a dark side to him. Not corrupt but tormented.

Tom and Sarah Lambert are found brutally murdered with their 8-1/2 month old fetus stolen from Sarah's body! Who could have known that the baby was almost to be born? And why obtain a child in such a vicious manner?

The search for the answers completely absorbs Luther's time and concentration. He's not an easy man to work with or to have as a friend or lover; nevertheless he manages to solve and close his cases while his private life lies wounded by the roadside.

Luther, The Calling gives the mystery world a brand new character to welcome. And welcome him we will. This great read is the first in a new series of novels which will take us into his past, and a case that left a permanent mark on his psyche. He often goes out of the bounds of correct police procedure. Maybe we'll find out why in the next very welcome book in this engrossing series.

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