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Marrying Up: A Right Royal Romantic Comedy    by Wendy Holden order for
Marrying Up
by Wendy Holden
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Polly, a student of archaeology, has been working on a dig, barely rubbing two nickels together. One day a very large dog starts to dig and destroy part of the site. As she tries to shoo him away, Polly meets the very handsome Max who is also a student veterinarian. She starts falling in love with him, but just as he suddenly appeared, he disappears. Something about him leaves her wondering and eventually searching for him.

Alexa comes from an average home, from very average people, and this bothers her very much. She wants to move up the social ladder, and almost wiped out all her savings with her first attempt in school. She believes she will succeed with her new plan by getting a job at a certain magazine. But then she meets Florrie, a very attractive, very rich single girl who has all the right connections. Alexa concocts a very sad tale that results in her moving in with Florrie, only to become a slave to her. Florrie's mother, Lady Annabelle, is on to Alexa and will let it be known to all that she is just a gold digger.

This is what you call an OMG novel, hilarious, outrageous and delicious right to the very end. It has a Jackie Collins feel to it, only an awful lot funnier. It puts snobbery on the map, and a Cinderella story in the heart. Wendy Holden is going to be a regular on my bookshelves if she keeps this up.

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