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The Yard    by Alex Grecian order for
by Alex Grecian
Order:  USA  Can
Putnam, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'It would appear that someone is targeting the police. The morale of London has not been good for some time now. The police are out of favor. Now someone is killing you,' says Sir Edward Bradford, the commissioner of London's police force.

Sir Edward is speaking to Detective Inspector Walter Day, the man charged with leading the investigation into the gruesome murders of the two members of the special Murder Squad.

With the unsolved Jack the Ripper murders still sticking in their craw, metropolitan police have another serial killer on the loose. This time they must solve the case because with only a dozen men in the special unit, their numbers are rapidly being diminished.

Just up from a posting in rural England, Day has to not only prove himself in this case but also lay to rest the self-doubts he has that perhaps he is in over his head in this new posting.

Assisting the young detective is Dr. Bernard Kingsley, a pioneering forensic pathologist, who has taken over the city morgue and brought order to a totally chaotic situation. Up to speed on the latest scientific developments, Kingsley feels that dusting for fingerprints may hold the key to finding the psychopath who seems to have targeted the police.

Along with the main investigation, two other unrelated but interesting cases are also being pursued by members of the Murder Squad. They serve to develop the secondary characters of this new series and illustrate what type of men staff this special unit. Perhaps in future adventures some of these individuals will be given the lead in the featured case.

Rich in historical lore and background, The Yard marks a new direction for graphic novelist Alex Grecian. This excellent debut provides ample proof that this young writer is a man of many talents. I imagine this is one new series that will garner a lot of positive attention. You'll want to follow this Inspector Day and his colleagues from the very beginning, so get a copy of The Yard right away.

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