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Dead End Deal    by Allen Wyler order for
Dead End Deal
by Allen Wyler
Order:  USA  Can
Astor+Blue, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

World acclaimed neurosurgeon Jon Ritter feels he is ready to take his research on Alzheimer's to the next step using human patients. He and his partner are stunned when their grant money is pulled. What now?

Even worse, Ritter's partner is gunned down! This is where Dead End Deal picks up even more speed than that with which it started. Author Allen Wyler is in real life a dedicated neurosurgeon who loves thrillers. This one, in fact, is his third and he has now decided to write full time. Which makes me happy. I'm already looking for the fourth.

Ritter approaches a biotech company to plead for money to continue his plans to eradicate Alzheimer's using non-human stem cells. This move puts him in a jeopardy that no one would have expected.

He plans a clinical trial with two patients in Seoul, South Korea. When the patients die, he finds himself on the run without a passport and desperately attempts to flee Seoul.

Does he manage to get away? You'll have to read this fast-paced thriller to discover his fate. Suspense had me turning the pages as fast as I could read them, barely remembering to breathe.

While reading this, one must remember this plot is pure fiction. It has dead bodies, suspense, excitement, intrigue, deception; throw in a dash of romance and include good writing don't miss this really great plot.

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