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The Art of John Carter: A Visual Journey    by Josh Kushins order for
Art of John Carter
by Josh Kushins
Order:  USA  Can
Disney, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

The film may have stumbled at the box office but this stunning volume will certain be a hit with collectors and those who enjoy an insider's look at how the film industry works.

The book showcases the never-before-seen visual journey taken by the film's creative team. You'll be able to view the stunning development art that helped shape the scope of the movie John Carter. From pencil sketches to full-color paintings, from maquettes to larger-than-life statues, from airships to the weapons and clothing of Barsoom's four-armed Tharks, the art shows how Andrew Stanton and his team created this sci-fi film.

Based on the original novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter unfolds on Barsoom (Mars) and tells the tale of a former Civil War military captain who is inexplicably transported to the planet where he becomes involved in a conflict of epic proportions.

'In a way, this movie is about John Carter reinventing himself and saving himself, becoming a human again, caring about people and doing things for other people,' writes the film's producer Jim Morris. 'And Mars provides the setting for him to start over, if you will.'

As you flip though the book you'll see the concept unfold as page after page of color photos and sketches of the movie's remarkable characters and settings emerge. Along with the art there are limited comments from the filmmakers who made the project a reality.

Granted, this book is a bit pricy but keep in mind this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a special look at the creative process that brought this classic novel to the big screen. Disney has created a series of these books that are headed for collector's status, as each one showcases the work of the artists and creative folks who work behind-the-scenes at the Disney Studios.

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