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The Last Kind Words    by Tom Piccirilli order for
Last Kind Words
by Tom Piccirilli
Order:  USA  Can
Bantam, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Perhaps a better name for this novel would be Rotten to the Roots! Terry Rand realizes from an early age that his family is pretty much devoid of exemplary role models.

Not only is his father a retired cat burglar and his grandfather an accomplished pickpocket but his uncles are card-sharps and his teenage sister is ... Well, let's just forget about Dale for now.

Then there's Collier, Terry's older brother, who went berserk one day and went on a killing spree that left eight people dead. It has been five years since the terrible event that finally made Terry cut his ties to his dysfunctional family and strike out on his own.

Inexplicably, while awaiting his fate on Death Row, Collie contacts his little brother and claims one of the deaths he was charged with was not of his doing. In other words, there's a murderer out there who has been given a free pass thanks to Collie's rampage.

Given his past and family, why should Terry care or return to see that justice is done? Good question, but he does. What follows is an unforgettable tale about a man who uncovers even more demons about his family's past than he realized existed.

Of course the old cliché honor among thieves is pretty much a myth but in this remarkable story, award winning author Tom Piccirille totally debunks it again. Piccirille doesn't intend to let you forget the Rand family either; he's working on a sequel to this novel. Perhaps he'll call it Rotten to the Roots. It certainly fits and sort of has a ring to it!

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