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Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United States    by George Soros order for
Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United States
by George Soros
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PublicAffairs, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

In this collection of essays written since the crash of 2008, the financial expert addresses some of the major issues of the past three years. Soros discusses the need for the United States to restructure its banking and financial system. As has happened just recently, he also anticipates that the financial crisis that began in America will spread to Europe and he stresses the need for international action to deal with the problem.

From the mortgage collapse that triggered the financial meltdown in the United States to the riots in Greece, Soros takes the reader around the globe showing the extent and depth of the malady facing the international financial community.

His analysis of the problems is both coherent and, many would say, right on the mark. As the European community copes with the problems that recently faced U.S. banks, industries and politicians, the expertise that this international financier brings to the table should be recognized and acknowledged. He may not have all the answers, but George Soros has a pretty good idea of where the major problems lie and how they might be addressed to avoid further financial nightmares in the years to come.

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