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The Obsidian Blade: The Klaatu Diskos Book One    by Pete Hautman order for
Obsidian Blade
by Pete Hautman
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, CD

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Pete Hautman launches his young hero, Tucker Feye, through portals (diskos) that cross both space and time in The Obsidian Blade, first in a new series, The Klaatu Diskos. Indeed it seems that Tucker's mother came from a different multiverse than our own, in which Tucker is raised.

As the story opens, we learn that the diskos were created by a Klaatu artist, Iyl Rayn, as 'an unconventional entertainment.' Unfortunately a design flaw permitted corporeal entities to use the diskos, introducing 'anachronisms into the time streams.'

Tucker first notices something odd at age thirteen when his father, Reverend Adrian Feye, disappears after climbing onto the roof. Off its edge, Tucker sees 'a thin, perfectly round disk of wavery glass, about four feet in diameter, hanging in midair.'

An hour later, the Reverend returns down the driveway accompanied by Lahlia, a slim young girl whose feet are 'covered with what looked like bright blue painted-on stockings.' So are the Reverend's. Lahlia is adopted by a local family, but the Reverend has changed - he no longer believes in God.

After this, Tucker's mother becomes increasingly mentally ill. Finally, Tucker's parents both disappear, and his Uncle Curtis shows up on his motorbike - he likes to be called Kosh. Though they eventually bond, Tucker is intent on finding his parents. He locates and enters a portal. This one takes him to the Twin Towers on 9/11, but he persists.

A series of bizarre adventures follow, as Tucker finds and loses his father again repeatedly. He is sacrificed by the Lah Sept and healed by the Medicants, but pays a high price for that healing. He goes back to the time of Romans and Essenes and his dad is there too.

Tucker does make his way home again, but home has changed in big ways, and is afflicted by the Digital Plague. Finally, Tucker rejects what his father has become and decides to control his own destiny. If you enjoy SF adventure with plenty of action and violence, then try this exciting new series.

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