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The Final Silence: The Belfast Novels #4    by Stuart Neville order for
Final Silence
by Stuart Neville
Order:  USA  Can
Soho, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

With her uncle's passing, Rea Carlisle inherits the dead man's house. She knows little about the man but that changes in a most emphatic manner when Rea finds a locked room in the home that contains some horrific mementoes.

Rea discovers a leather bound volume written by her uncle that contains locks of hair, fingernails and a catalogue of the deranged man's victims. Totally taken back and repulsed by what she has uncovered, Rea is determined to turn the book over to the local authorities.

Graham Carlisle, her father and a successful Stormont politician, isn't about to let his daughter destroy his career by exposing his twisted brother's activities. Circumventing her father's command to leave well enough alone, Rea turns to her former lover, disgraced police inspector Jack Lennon, to seek his advice and assistance. This sets off a series of tragic events that rip the lives of both characters apart.

Inexplicably, Lennon is soon the prime suspect in a murder case being investigated by DCI Serena Flannagan. Coming close on the heels of Rea's disclosure, Lennon smells a cover-up that will pit him against people with too much power.

An atmospheric thriller set in Northern Ireland, The Final Silence is the latest novel by award winning Belfast writer Stuart Neville. His previous novels have been lauded as 'deftly plotted, fast paced, pulse pounding, and gripping from start to finish'. You'll find all this praise applies to this story as well.

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