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Chaos King
by Laura Ruby
Order:  USA  Can
HarperCollins, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD

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* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Wouldn't it be keen if you could become invisible at will? Well, the heroine can in The Chaos King, Laura Ruby's sequel to The Wall and The Wing. It's set in New York City, Manhattan Borough. The cast includes athlete and famed advertisement model Sylvester 'Bug' Grabowski; his imprisoned father Sweetcheeks; Bug's agent Harvey; stuck-up bully Roma Radisson; her friends London England and Bethany Tiffany; and English teacher Ms. Letturatura.

The heroine is Georgetta Rose Aster Bloomington, aka The Richest Girl in the Universe. Thirteen-year old Georgie, who has a head of thick silver hair, can become invisible at will. She was kidnapped as a baby by Sweetcheeks; placed in an orphanage, then found and reunited with her parents Solomon and Bunny. Georgie recently had an overnight growth spurt and is nine feet tall, with long limbs, large feet and hands. She 'felt like a marionette, all arms and legs jangling and none of them ever under her control'.

Georgie's loving parents watch over their daughter, but forbid her to use her special power. They tell her to never mention it or trust anyone with her secret. At Prince School, classmates torment her, led by jealous Roma (the Second Richest). Her friend Bug has to be on his guard around people who feel he will turn out like his father. At a photo-shoot on the decks of the historic South Street Seaport, a huge tentacle comes out of the River pulling Bug off the dock into the water. Bug meets the biggest octopus on earth, and no one believes him. By the way, Bug can walk, run, and fly accompanied by all of his four legs!

On a school tour of the New York City Library, Georgie meets mysterious tour guide. During subsequent events, Georgie uses her talent and readers can't blame her for breaking the promise. Bug knows Georgie's secret, as she knows his; she also helps Bug in his attempts to rescue Roma from a giant sloth! The Bloomington's housemaid Agnes comes to Georgie's defense when the Chaos King sneaks into her bedroom through a window. Meantime more trouble and threats are brewing as Georgie is commanded to attend a gala at South Street Seaport, 'The Chaos Gallery - A New Perspective in Art'.

Laura Ruby never loses momentum in The Chaos King, a fantasy filled with scrumptious silliness, ergo, A GREAT READ!

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