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Cosmic Storm
by Dom Testa
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Cosmic Storm follows The Dark Zone as the fifth (of six) in Dom Testa's Galahad series that began with The Comet's Curse and sent a crew of 251 teens journeying into the unknown aboard a starship, the survival of the human race in their hands. Though the story shifts through different points of view, it's held together by the amusing and wise voice of AI Roc who runs the ship and whose calling 'is in the role of advisor, therapist, confidant, and aquatics instructor.'

In The Dark Zone, the Galahad was surrounded by entities the crew labelled space vultures. Trying to find out if these cyborgs were friend or foe, they lost a crew member (Alexa) and opened up a wormhole. That episode ended on a cliffhanger as Council Leader Triana (without any consultation) took a pod and (courageously or foolishly?) took it through the wormhole, hoping to make contact with whoever sent the space vultures.

As Cosmic Storm opens, tensions are high. Gap is interim Council Leader and elections are to be held. Gap is shocked when his ex-girlfriend Hannah runs against him (he would be even more shocked if he knew the identity of her campaign manager). While this is going on, crew members try to understand the origins of waves of radiation (space lightning) threatening the ship (a threat that becomes an election issue) and Bon makes contact with the mysterious alien force, the Cassini, asking a personal question.

Though the space adventures are exciting, what I've enjoyed most about this series is the growing maturity of the Galahad's crew as they deal with interpersonal crises. As this fifth episode ends on the opening of another wormhole, there will be plenty more challenges ahead in The Galahad Legacy. It should be a winner.

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