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Deep Sky
by Patrick Lee
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, CD, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Patrick Lee's Deep Sky follows The Breach and Ghost Country as the third in a gripping series. It's an unusual and extraordinarily fast paced mix of horror and science fiction, filled with violence and shocking twists and turns of plot.

It began in The Breach when Travis Chase stumbled upon a crashed 747 in the Alaskan wilderness. Soon afterwards, he saved Paige Campbell's life and learned about an organization, Tangent, set up by world governments to guard a wormhole, from which emerge a steady stream of uber high tech entities. Travis and Paige raced to save the world.

In Ghost Country, Travis had turned his back on Tangent, but returned to help Paige and her colleague, Bethany Stewart - and once again raced against time to prevent a terrifying world's end scenario.

Like its predecessors, Deep Sky begins with a bang, one that sends a missile to the White House. The only clue? 'See Scalar'. Though there was a Tangent investigation by that name, all the files are gone. Then Border Town comes under attack, ordered by the new President. Travis, Paige and Beth barely escape with their lives and desperately start digging to find out what is happening.

They use a dangerous Breach entity called the Tap, that lets them relive past events, but also erases memories. The search takes them to Rum Lake, California, where a deep mine holds the Stargazer, and onto Air Force One. At the end of the road, Travis learns what is at the other side of the Breach, and has a choice to make, with humanity's survival at stake.

If you haven't found this series yet, but like technothrillers, you're in for a blockbuster of a treat. Highly recommended.

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