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The Immortalists    by Kyle Mills order for
by Kyle Mills
Order:  USA  Can
Thomas & Mercer, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Kyle Mills, author of high octane, twisty thrillers including Burn Factor, The Second Horseman and Lords of Corruption, now brings fans one that explores a scientific quest for immortality, and what the uber rich and powerful will do to achieve it. It's centered on an appealing family. Brilliant research biologist, Dr. Richard Draman, set aside a promising career in cancer research after his small daughter Susie was diagnosed with progeria, a rare genetic disorder that results in rapid aging (and an early death) in children. Richard, with the full support of his wife Carly, is researching the disease, gleaning research funds from wherever he can beg, borrow or cajole them.

But the story doesn't start with this engaging family. First we watch an assassin forcing another research biologist, Dr. Annette Chevalier to assist in her own hanging, by threatening to also kill her son and husband if she doesn't cooperate. Her husband Troy soon suffers a fatal accident after passing on Annette's research data to Draman. This results in Richard's arrest for industrial espionage and his problems escalate from there. After he stops someone from murdering Susie in her bedroom, Richard takes his family on the run. They leave Susie with an obscure connection, an old soldier named Burt Seeger whom they'd met when his wife was dying of cancer. Then Richard and Carly follow what leads they have, trying to discover what has unleashed these terrible attacks on their small family.

With powerful, violent men trying to kill them, they seek an alliance with Andreas Xander, one of the richest - also nastiest and most ruthless - men in the world. Discovering that the data that is the catalyst for mayhem and murder relates to reversing aging, they also hope to find a cure for Susie, whose time is quickly running out. As always Kyle Mills gives us a fast-paced read, with action - and betrayals - at every turn. And he brings his unusual story to a satisfying conclusion. If you're a thriller fan, you don't want to miss The Immortalists.

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