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The Feng Shui Detective Goes West: The Second Master Wong Mystery    by Nury Vittachi order for
Feng Shui Detective Goes West
by Nury Vittachi
Order:  USA  Can
Felony & Mayhem, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Feng Shui master C. F. Wong doesn't like the West. Has never been there and doesn't want to go. Especially to London. It's full of foreigners!!

And that is just where he is to go. To London. To meet the Queen, who has been having a bad time and decided she needs the expertise of a feng shui master. C. F. Wong has been requested to go and work his magic with her palace. He wouldn't go but he badly needs the money this trip would bring him and his assistant Joyce McQuinnie. He had been told that the Queen paid well.

Nothing is as ever as easy as it is purported to be. He and Joyce are on board the virgin flight of a new super-duper airplane the Skyparc. Voluptuously decorated in many different eras, it is the epitome of luxury. Unfortunately, murder is not ruled out. When a passenger on the plane is gunned down, a friend of Joyce's is accused of the murder. Joyce vows to prevent him from going to prison for life.

It's a very clever plot. There's a little too much of the workings of various mechanisms necessary to launch the Skyparc into the air. However, the depiction of its landing is worth lingering over. C. F. Wong is a nifty character and his misunderstanding of the Queen's title makes him dear to my heart. Joyce makes one realize that we do live in a global village.

The Feng Shui Detective Goes West is a fun book that is the second of a series of five this one being the first printed in the U.S..

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