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The Coldest Fear    by Rick Reed order for
Coldest Fear
by Rick Reed
Order:  USA  Can
Pinnacle, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

The second in a new series featuring homicide detective Jack Murphy and his partner, Liddle 'Cajun' Blanchard, this latest thriller is not for the faint of heart.

A woman has been discovered in an Evansville, Indiana, airport motel's bathroom in an unbelievable condition. She's been terribly mutilated with body parts either placed in strange places or completely missing - the two detectives realize they are dealing with a very sick killer.

That feeling becomes a certainty when the next victim is found in the city's projects. The body is lying on an apartment kitchen floor with the missing hand of the first victim arranged on her head in a rather bizarre manner.

The third corpse is found swinging from the underside of a bridge. You don't want the details ...

Dubbed by the local press The Cleaver for his artistry in carving up his victims, the serial killer causing this mayhem is out to settle some old scores. He might not be as invisible as one would imagine, but it will take a good deal of time, effort and ingenuity to bring him to justice.

The only real question is how much is Jack Murphy willing to risk to see that this madman's homecoming ends with a one way ticket to the electric chair?

When author Rick Reed launched this series with The Cruelest Cut, it was called 'a tornado of drama' and 'a jaw-dropping thriller'. With twenty years behind him as a police detective, Reed knows how to structure a police procedural and his central character, Jack Murphy, has some very beguiling personality traits. That's a killer combination that bodes well for this new series.

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