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No Proper Lady
by Isabel Copper
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Joan comes from the future to 1888 England, blades slashing to slaughter a demon that's trying to kill a man. When it is vanquished she looks around to find green grass, trees, and birds singing their songs. Joan comes with a purpose, to kill an evil magician before he summons the demons that will destroy the Earth. She also has to find a book, created by this magician, before it falls into the wrong hands. But fitting into polite company will prove to be a challenge.

Simon Grenville, who was attacked by the demon, finds himself saved by a beautiful, half naked girl. Simon takes Joan under his wing, because it turns out that he also wants revenge on the man she is hunting. He has different reasons for wanting him dead. This evil magician had caused his little sister pain and almost killed her. Together they will make a perfect team, but first he must teach Joan proper etiquette, and find her a proper wardrobe, so that she will blend in with society. But he never expected to fall for Joan.

No Proper Lady is fun, exciting and different, with a nice combo of characters, the good and the bad. The plot takes interesting turns. I mean think about it, throw a woman from the future (who kills for a living) into the past, where women weren't allowed to do anything, and it has to be entertaining. Then there is the sexy side to the book, too hot to touch and very enjoyable.

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