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The Dark Zone: A Galahad Book    by Dom Testa order for
Dark Zone
by Dom Testa
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Dom Testa's The Dark Zone is the fourth in his Galahad series (beginning with The Comet's Curse), that sent a crew of 251 teens journeying into the unknown aboard a starship, the survival of the human race in their hands. Though it would be preferable to have read the earlier episodes first, I was able to appreciate this one on its own merits. The story shifts through different points of view, including that of AI Roc who runs the ship.

Readers learn at the very beginning (through Alexa's nightmare) that one of the brilliant teens aboard Galahad might die in this episode - the question of whether it will transpire - and, if so, who will die - pulls us through the story. We also know of a mysterious alien force, the Cassini, that has been helpful with past difficulties; will they be needed again, and if so will they exploit their tenuous connection to Bon?

Triana is the ship's Council Leader. Lita looks after their health. Channy focuses on morale. Bon handles crop production. AI Roc has the technical know-how. Now the ship has shot out of 'the minefield of debris that circled the solar system', they all wonder what new surprises - and dangers - are ahead of them. Roc soon observes entites they label 'space vultures', that eventually clamp onto the ship. Are they a threat?

As the Council works out how to deal with the space vultures, and what resources they have aboard that would help, the author reveals shifting relationships - with plenty of teen angst - amongst crew members. When they take one of the vultures aboard, they discover that it's powered by dark energy, but still can't determine whether these cyborgs are friend or foe. Then they poke their specimen, and a wormhole opens up.

The episode concludes with grief, a momentous decision for Triana and a cliffhanger ending, that will leave series fans anxious to find out what comes next for the teen space travelers - they can start by reading the excerpt from Cosmic Storm (fifth in the series) at the back of this book.

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