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Liquid Smoke    by Jeff Shelby order for
Liquid Smoke
by Jeff Shelby
Order:  USA  Can
F+W Media, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, Softcover
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Noah Braddock has a sweet life. A private investigator, he lives on the water on the coast of San Diego. He's an avid surfer, and teaching his girlfriend (Police Detective Liz Santangelo) to surf seems to have cemented their relationship. He and his best friend Carter have known each other for fifteen years and Carter always has Noah's back.

What more can a man want? For lawyer Darcy Gill to go away. She tells him that his father whom Noah never knew - is in San Quentin on death row for shooting to death two Mexican nationals.

Darcy wants Noah to go to the prison, meet his father, and see if he can get the man to reveal whether anyone else was present at the execution style shootings. Meeting his father was not on Noah's future agenda. But to San Quentin he goes.

From here, matters escalate, get tense and frightening. There's a nasty man out there who bodes no good for anyone. Noah does his best to protect everyone and to find out what his father's agenda might be.

Liquid Smoke is a good book. Great for summer reading on the beach or at lakeside. Smart characters, good humor, great plot, wonderful setting and an ending to die for.

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