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Bullet Work    by Steve O'Brien order for
Bullet Work
by Steve O'Brien
Order:  USA  Can
A & N Publishing, 2011 (2011)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'Every day at a racetrack was a good day, as far as Dan was concerned. But Fridays were the best. Maybe it was the fact that the weekend had arrived. The Friday cards weren't as strong as weekend cards, but somehow the attitude and emotion around the racetrack was different. People had fun, they drank more, they made strange pooled bets with coworkers and friends. It was casual. There was hope.'

If you appreciate this quote and it makes you reach for the newspaper sports section to check the handicap section at the local racetrack, this is a mystery you will thoroughly enjoy reading.

Steve O'Brien goes behind the scenes of horse racing and focuses on the high competitive world of owners, trainers, vets and jockeys. It's almost opening day, but the joyous event will be marred by the poisoning of a racehorse. Then another thoroughbred is harmed and a third disappears. What's going on here? Disbelief and anger grips the backside racing community.

Even with increased security the problem persists and gets worse as more horses are harmed. When Dan Morgan's own filly is targeted, the owner joins forces with horse-whisperer AJ Kaine to find out who is operating a sinister extortion scheme that has friends doubting friends and the entire track on edge.

As mentioned above, if you like horse racing and enjoy mysteries, this is an excellent novel and one you'll race through once out of the starting gate. Although he is no Dick Francis, this author is very, very good and you will be rewarded if you place a bet on this dark horse!

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