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The Blonde in the Lotus Elite: Vintage Connor    by Robert Baty order for
Blonde in the Lotus Elite
by Robert Baty
Order:  USA  Can
R. J. Buckley, 2011 (2011)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Anyone who appreciates classic or vintage cars will love The Girl in the Lotus Elite. My fella is one of those, owning two classic Packards, both in prime condition a '56 Patrician and a '49 convertible and considers himself a lucky man.

So I can appreciate someone who drives a '67 Alpha Romeo Coupe being a trifle upset when it is stolen right off the street. Ray Connor, a former policeman, is now a man who locates and acquires classic cars for other people - those with the money to own these old cars, some of which can be worth an inordinate amount. He loves his Romeo because it is his driver.

Connor's ex-girlfriend appears on his doorstep in distress. Her daughter Janey has been found dead with her wrists slashed in a motel in Oakland, California. It's considered a suicide. Her mother is sure it is murder. She wants Connor's help to prove it.

His first mistake lies in promising to look into the girl's death. While tracking down Janey's movements, Connor falls ever deeper into a morass of prostitution, thefts of vintage cars, murders, corruption and indifference.

The plot of this fun book (think vintage cars) is tightly woven with some real characters. Action picks up with each page that is turned. Connor solves the question of the girl's demise. Does he ever recover his beloved car? Read The Blonde in the Lotus Elite and find out.

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