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Buried Prey: Lucas Davenport #21    by John Sandford order for
Buried Prey
by John Sandford
Order:  USA  Can
Putnam, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

When the mummified bodies of two young girls are discovered during a demolition, the heavy machinery comes to a standstill. Marcy Sherrill, head of Minneapolis Homicide, investigates, but it's not long before Lucas Davenport, (her one time counterpart and lover) is on scene.

He knows without a doubt that the dead girls are Mary and Nancy Jones - two sisters who vanished without a trace twenty-five years ago. He'd been a rookie cop back then, eager to learn and even more eager to prove himself. He'd been certain that a local homeless guy, Terry Scrape, hadn't killed those girls. But after Scrape's arrest and to Lucas's mind, questionable suicide, the brass shut him down and the case was closed. However, that never stopped him from thinking about those two lost girls from time to time.

Now he has a chance to right a wrong and discover the truth. Unfortunately, the real killer isn't happy about the discovery of the girls' bodies and takes it upon himself to get rid of a couple of loose ends. When a fellow investigator is gunned down while following through on a routine tip, Lucas is unstoppable, re-examining even the thinnest leads, more determined than ever to avenge the girls - and his murdered friend.

Sandford's short flashback puts a refreshing punch to the story as it shows Lucas's early days as a Minneapolis street cop, as well as his fledgling relationship with Capslock, Jenkins and Shrake. They're close friends as well as trusted colleagues and each has followed Davenport into the grey areas between right and wrong to help him nail the bad guys. Now the trio must work together to make sure that Lucas's single-minded quest for revenge doesn't cross the ultimate line and end his career.

Don't miss this one - Buried Prey is another winner and shows why John Sandford is one of the premier thriller writers working today.

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