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Gateway to Atlantis    by Andrew Collins order for
Gateway to Atlantis
by Andrew Collins
Order:  USA  Can
Carroll & Graf, 2002 (2000)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* *   Reviewed by Marian Powell

Unlike many works on the subject of Atlantis, Gateway to Atlantis has been very carefully researched by the author. Collins examines, critiques and dismisses a number of popular theories, showing why there is no evidence to support them. He then presents his own theory, that there was an ancient civilization in the Americas centered in the Caribbean area around Cuba.

After reading this book early in 2001, it was startling to hear on the evening news of the discovery of what appear to be the ruins of a city off the shores of Cuba. More investigation is needed to either prove or disprove that these really are the remains of manmade edifices, but the possibility of their existence suddenly makes Gateway to Atlantis a very timely book, a work which might put the discovery in perspective - it is even possible that Collins' theory will turn out to be historical fact rather than speculation.

Much of the book is devoted to the evidence that there had been trade or contact of some sort with the Americas several thousand years ago. I feel the author does a superlative job on this. He is most persuasive when he focuses on the hard sciences such as plant genetics and ancient shipwrecks to state that there must have been contact, and an ancient trading empire in the Americas.

Unfortunately, the author weakens his arguments by bringing in some questionable theories such as one suggesting that the civilization was ended by a meteor strike. He would have done much better to have avoided such speculation since the facts he presents are persuasive on their own. However, despite its flaws, this is a timely and interesting work ... and a good reference book to have at hand while listening to news reports about the ruins near Cuba.

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