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Grilling America    by Rick Browne order for
Grilling America
by Rick Browne
Order:  USA  Can
Regan, 2003 (2003)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Grilling America shares the best in 'Que' that Rick Browne and his wife Kathy discovered in five years of travel across America's heartland. 'No longer is GREAT BARBEQUE indigenous only south of the Mason-Dixon Line. World-class pork ribs can be found in Seattle, Syracuse, or Sacramento. Today, whole hogs, once the exclusive domain of the Deep South, are barbecued in pits from Rockport, Maine, to Rock Port, Missouri, to Rockport, Washington.'

Starting with detailed instructions for getting your grill ready and judging its temperature without a thermometer (chancy in my view), this wonderful cookbook moves on to recipes and to Rick Browne's mouthwatering photographs. The Appetizers section offers Armadillo Eggs - actually stuffed jalapeno peppers. How about Frickles? Can you believe Fried Pickles? I honestly would like to try them. Or Martini Oysters - Martinis are drizzled over the grilling oysters. Let the party begin.

The chapter on Beef is awesome. Sample recipes: Grilled Huntsman Beef Sandwiches or Grilled Shallot-Cognac Steaks. I like the sound of Inebriated Top Round and Tangy Grill Roast Prime Rib. On to something I love, Seafood. Aunt Lilly's Sizzling Lobster had me looking for a napkin to wipe melted butter off my chin. Car Dog's Award-Winning Salmon sounds wonderful, as does Dungeness Crab Cakes Mayonnaise (I've never had Dungeness Crab, but plan to on an upcoming trip to Alaska with a grandson.) Les Burden's Awesome Shrimp & Scallops sounds, well, awesome. It's worth ignoring the recipes for a few minutes to enjoy Browne's story about eating a triple lobster dinner.

Like Lamb? Then you'll love Assyrian Grilled Leg of Lamb with Pomegrante Sauce as well as Patty Browne's Browned Patties (Lamb Burgers in Pita with Feta Yogurt Dressing). Pork? What smells better than Bar-B-Que ribs? Don't know where you buy Wild Boar, but the recipe for Grilled Loin of Wild Boar with Sour Cherry Sauce would start me looking for a source. Been to a number of pig pickin's and North Caroliina Style Whole Hog sounds like a winner. And I've always wanted to try Roast Suckling Pig.

Next comes Poultry. The picture of Beer Butt Chicken had me whipping out a knife and fork - looks dee-lish. There's Smoked Quail, Grilled Turkey Breast, Lexington #1 Pulled Chicken, BBQ Peking Duck! Where to start is the problem. The Sides section intrigued me: Aw Shucks Grilled Corn, Blazing Saddles Fireside Beans, or Saturday Nite Grilled Veggies. How about Grilled Wild Mushroom Sausage? Looks absolutely divine. I would love to try the Oz Onion Pudding with its vermouth and Emmenthaler cheese, and Dorothy's Sweet Potatoes with Mustard and Rosemary.

There's a whole chapter on 'the sauce man, it's the sauce'. What follows then are Sauces, Marinades and Dry Rubs, everything from Bourbon Salmon Mop to Dracula's Blood Orange Sauce and Lexinton 'Yaller' Sauce to Red River Rub. A Vegetarian Barbecue is suggested. Right on. Now we're talkin'. I love veggies, especially grilled. This also features tofu, polenta, tempeh and seitan. Finish with a flourish with Desserts like Baked Apples, Soused Peaches, Barbecued Pineapple, or Flamin' Gol-Darn Bananas.

If you can't find something in Grilling America to satisfy your taste for grilled or barbecued foods, then you should have your grill confiscated.

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