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The Frequent Fryers Cookbook    by Rick Browne order for
Frequent Fryers Cookbook
by Rick Browne
Order:  USA  Can
Regan, 2003 (2003)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The King of Outdoor Cooking shows 'how to deep-fry just about anything that runs, walks, crawls, flies or vegetates' - or so the back cover of the King's cookbook claims. 'Why fry?' you ask. Browne responds with 'more than one hundred recipes for crisp, golden, delights that will make your tongue throw a party for your mouth. This definitive down-home sizzlin', boilin', and bubblin' cookbook is sure to make a frequent fryer out of you!'

How could you not like a cookbook with that kind of humor? Inside it tells us that 'Our aim is to demystify the process and reveal the culinary delights of this style of cooking.' Don't skip the Deep Frying Tips, very important for safety and good tasting frying. Info includes what oils to use for what, how much oil is needed, smoke points of oil, time and temperature guidelines through to safety precautions. Again, don't skip this portion, which can make or break you as a deep fryer.

Now we're informed and feel confident about frying skills, let's look at the recipes. For appetizers, try Acadian Popcorn (shrimp), Fried Onion Blossom, Les James Frittes de Grenouille (frog legs!), or Sugared Walnuts. On to Bread and Pastries for Bengali Fried Dough Wafers, Grand Marnier Beignets, Navajo Fry Bread (chef daughter introduced me to Fry Bread and it's Good Eating), or Sophia's Sopaipillas. And don't you love the thought of Drizzled Dropcakes?

Let's get to the serious stuff - Poultry. Be sure to read 'A Dumb Bird Is He'. Not only will it make you a better cook, but the history of the turkey is fun reading. All sorts of rubs and marinades are suggested. Then on to how to cook this gobbler. There are also recipes for chicken dishes, Cornish game hens, quail and duck. Moving on, we come to Pork & Beef - Deep Fried Spareribs, Fry Grilled Pork Tenderloin and Nightshade Ranch Cow Pies. Well named, as are Pitchfork Steaks and You-Ain't-Gonna-Believe This Prime Rib.

BTW, don't miss the author's photos in the middle of this Fryer's Bible. They'll make you pick up a knife and fork and look for a place at the table. Fish & Shellfish, anyone? Beer Batter Trout or Dover Codfish and Chips in case you're longing for some English cooking. I definitely want to try Heavenly Fried Oysters and Phried Lobsta - lobster tails with the shells still on! How about Schwimp Kwab Wwap? I'll try that just for the fun of the name. Vegetables - now we're talking! Treats include Bugs Bunny Fritters (yep, you're right - carrots), Quebec French Fries, Real Fried Green Tomatoes, Walla Walls Onion Rings and Parmesan Eggplant Rounds.

And, best for last, Dessert - Black Forest Apple Fritters, two great cheeses - Camembert and Brie - with Pears (or Apples), Fried Custard Square with (gasp) Lemon-Raspberry Sauce. Sounds sacrilegious, but I guess I shouldn't knock it 'til I try it - Maudie Fricker's Fried Cheesecake fried, believe it or not, in Spring Roll Wrappers. Whether you're new to frequent frying or an old hand, there's lots to sizzle, boil and bubble in The Frequent Fryers Cookbook.

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