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The Wisdom of Oma    by Karen Vos Braun order for
Wisdom of Oma
by Karen Vos Braun
Order:  USA  Can
Creative Bound, 2002
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The Wisdom of Oma is a tribute to a most unusual woman, the author's Oma (grandmother) Joanna Vos. Karen Braun shares with her readers her Oma's gifts of advice. For example, her second is: 'The how is not important, it is what that is essential to living a life with purpose. As you rise in the morning, ask yourself "what is my vision for today?"'

Born in a windmill in Holland, Oma was the youngest of eleven children. At an early age, she showed an inclination to think of others before herself. She helped hide Jewish people from the Nazis during World War II. As a nurse, she worked in Indonesia, helping to set up the first medical clinic in the area. She and her husband took in mentally and physically handicapped children in her home in Toronto.

Joanna Vos, Oma, lived a selfless life, believing in her own precepts. Twenty-three of these guides for living are listed in the book, such as: 'Love every living being and never prejudge how much they can hear, see, taste or feel', 'Lay your worries beside you, and move on', or 'Always live your life with the intention of helping others.' I like 'Enjoy the bigness of who you are.'

This small (88 pages), inspirational book makes a perfect gift. You will also want one for yourself, to benefit from The Wisdom of Oma, a tribute to a remarkable woman.

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