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Rock Hard
by Olivia Cunning
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2011 (2011)

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* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Sed and Jessica split after Sed's ultimatum, breaking both their hearts. Two years later, Sed is in a rock band and famous, while Jessica feels a failure. Reduced to working in a strip club, Jessica finds herself being pulled off the stage and into Sed's arms. Furious, she sends him away.

This gets Jessica fired, so now there is no money coming in. She is evicted, jobless with tough times ahead. Jessica heads to tell Sed off and starts talking to one of the band's girlfriends. She is offered a job for the summer, the only drawback being that she has to tour with the band. She's not sure if she can handle being that close to Sed. Somewhere deep inside she knows she still loves him, but doesn't want to risk getting her heart broken all over again.

Sed is still in love with Jessica, always has been. He has tried to have sex with groupies, but it's just not the same as his Jessica. When he realizes she is coming on tour, he figures it is too good to be true. Sed not only wants Jessica's heart, he also wants her in his bed. Explosions happen when these two get together. It is a heated passion like no other. Not only do they risk scandal, they risk having their hearts torn to pieces once again.

I have to say WOW! The heat in this book is absolutely unreal. This being my first time reading this sub-genre, I was speechless, shocked and most intrigued. The love story was actually really good and you feel for the characters. The sex was off the charts, a definite wild ride. It was also interesting to see how the author gives insight behind the scenes of a rock band. I enjoyed reading how these guys are close friends and have a strong bond. I loved how Sed and Jessica interacted, and not only in the sex department. Hot, steamy, humorous ... would I read more of this series? Yes I would.

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