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Tales From The Yoga Studio    by Rain Mitchell order for
Tales From The Yoga Studio
by Rain Mitchell
Order:  USA  Can
Plume, 2010 (2010)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

In Silver Lake, California (in LA), Lee owns the Edendale Yoga Studio where she uses her skills to help students take control of their bodies, and in some cases their lives. Five very different women have been brought together by the practice of yoga, and have found the gift of friendship.

Lee's husband Alan has just walked out of their marriage, leaving Lee and her two young children to find their own way in life. Now an expanding chain of yoga centers has offered Lee a great incentive program if she chooses to work for them, and there is even a place for Alan. If she accepts, she may end up with her husband back home again, as this was his dream. On the other hand, the postion means abandoning her own small studio in Silver Lake and friends who mean more to her than extra benfits.

Lee's best friend Katherine is the masseuse at the studio. She respects Lee, who helped her gain control of her downward spiral into drugs and alcohol. Now with that behind her, Katherine is attracted to a local fireman, but she is dealing with self esteem issues and may end up losing the best man to come along in a long time. Graciela is a talented dancer who has come to the studio to gain a higher level in her fitness routine and bring calm into her life. She has just auditioned for a dance part in an upcoming video with a singing star and needs Lee to help her overcome an old injury to her leg.

Stephanie is a succesful screenwriter, who has worked with many of Hollywood's top stars. She wants to be the best in the business, but risks her own health and happiness because of it. Imani, a happily married actress, struggles to get past a buried secret that is slowly destroying her.

Tales From The Yoga Studio is a quick, fun read. It has great character development, and even though these women all have flaws, their lives are enriched mentally and physically through yoga, and the support of caring friends.

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