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Save As Draft    by Cavanaugh Lee order for
Save As Draft
by Cavanaugh Lee
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Izabell, or Izzy, as her friends call her, is a lawyer at an Atlanta law firm. She loves to stay busy, and even passed the California bar exam in case she should ever decide to move to the West coast. Her love life is lacking and, out of curiosity more than desperation, she joins eHarmony to see who she will be matched up with. She meets Marty, with whom she connects through e-mail and they hit if off. When they meet for their date she finds him to be a sweet, fun guy. They soon discover that they share the same interests in music and films.

Izzy has worked with Peter at the law firm for a long time and he is her best male friend. She has had a crush on him for what seems like forever, but nothing has ever happened between them. When Peter finally makes a move, she is happy, but very confused. Which guy is the one for her??? Peter or Marty??? She gets along great with both, but is one better for her than the other??? Marty is sweet and likeable, Peter is funny, but a workaholic.

When Izzy is with Marty, she finds herself thinking about Peter. She soon decides to call it quits with Marty and test the waters with Peter. They move in together and are very happy until Peter's job demands extra hours and weekends. Izzy is feeling neglected, but tries to be understanding. As months go by, Izzy feels Peter should speak up to his boss and demand some time for them. Now Izzy is rethinking her decision of letting Marty go. Did she do the right thing???

Save As Draft is a fast paced story told in e-mail, text, and tweet format. The reader gets a first hand look into Izzy's thoughts and dreams, hears about her broken heart, broken engagement, and endless drafts of unsent e-mails. It is a love triangle unfolding in her in-box. The book cover is brilliant, made to look like a laptop.

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