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Losers Weepers
by J. T. Yost
Order:  USA  Can
Birdcage Press, 2009 (2009)

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* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

With Losers Weepers, comic book artist J. T. Yost has taken lost, written-upon trash and turned it into a story. This first comic starts with a three-entry journal, which he connects to a poem written on an envelope, which then connects to a note written on a napkin.

Lupe, after detailing her break-up with Sean to her journal, runs into him one day while out shopping with her new boyfriend, George. Sean invites them to a spoken-word poetry reading where he reads an incredibly inappropriate poem he just scribbled on an envelope that night. This sends his life into a downward spiral that reaches its zenith when another down and out man writes him a note on a napkin which sends him into a rage.

Aside from the journal, Yost never explains why he picked up these lost pieces of writing, but the way he ties them together shows great imagination as both the notes and the story fit into the title of Losers Weepers. With his modern, indie drawing style, J. T. Yost creates a tragic-comic tale that spirals far from the normal reader's life, yet still can pull empathy out of all of us.

Note that the comic can be ordered from Birdcage Bottom.

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