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by Daniel Palmer
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Kensington, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Daniel Palmer's Delirious is a psychological thriller that keeps one on the edge of the seat all the way through. It's an engrossing debut novel, long enough to more than satisfy the yen for a good story.

Charlie has to fire his partner for embezzling from company funds. That's where things start to go haywire. Head of a department that manufactures a new technological system for automobiles, Charlie begins to notice that things aren't what they should be.

He meets a woman who warns him of a scheme to oust him from the company. Confronted with his own reaction to the unthinkable, he finds that the woman might have been a figment of his imagination. Notes in his own handwriting (that he doesn't remember writing) appear warning him of impending disaster. After death threats supposedly again written by him, he ends up in a mental institution.

From there things get, if possible, even worse. But you'll have to read the novel yourself to find out how. I can't spoil the thrust of the plot. Take it from me, it's a good one. Charlie is a great character. We all know someone like him. Holds power and handles it well, but he is not likely to become a close friend.

The pace of the story is good but slows a little at times. Just when you're ready to yawn, another problem arises out of left field and you're off and running again. The wallapalooza ending is a stunner. Delirious is a good book, well worth a read. And I found some of the facts about mental illness fascinating. Maybe I can now diagnose myself.

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