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Mercy Kill
by Lori Armstrong
Order:  USA  Can
Touchstone, 2011 (2011)
Softcover, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Lori Armstrong, I am ashamed to admit, is a new author to me. She has published four books in the Julie Collins series and Mercy Kill is the second in this newer series. I thoroughly enjoyed Mercy Kill - every single page.

Mercy Gunderson has completed her time in the U.S. Special Forces and has come back home to South Dakota to come to terms with what she experienced in Afghanistan. Not an easy task. Readjusting to civilian life and leaving behind the kill or be killed attitude that had been trained into her, makes the life she is trying to pick up harder than she imagined it would be.

When Army buddy Jason 'J-Hawk' Hawley appears on the scene, Mercy is glad to see him. She soon realizes that we are not always what we appear to be. J-Hawk is representing an oil company that threatens the way of life of Eagle River County's population. When he is murdered, Mercy thinks Sheriff Mason Dawson is not doing his job of apprehending the person or persons responsible. She runs for Sheriff against him - even though she and Mason have what they both believe is a clandestine affair.

Her domestic scene is a bit shaky also. Feeling enough is enough, Mercy sets out to clean up her act and lighten her load. Now, we all know that that might end the book right there. Fortunately, Armstrong has a complex plot going that races through the pages and leaves no time to reflect. She is a powerful writer with a main character you'd love to meet, but not in a dark alley.

This is one book I literally didn't want to end. Mercy is a gutsy, no nonsense woman. The kind I would like to be but have never been able to pull off. I want more of Mercy.

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