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No Mercy: A Dark-Hunter Novel    by Sherrilyn Kenyon order for
No Mercy
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Order:  USA  Can
Macmillan, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This audiobook edition (7 CDs) of Sherrilyn Kenyon's No Mercy (following Bad Moon Rising) is admirably narrated by Holter Graham. It's rare to listen to an audiobook in which one speaker handles the range from macho male to vulnerable female roles so well.

This Dark-Hunter episode stars Amazon Samia, who gave up her soul to Artemis and was turned into a lethal Dark-Hunter Dog of War after her husband and daughter were slaughtered in front of her in ancient Greece, on the orders of her own sister. Samia's talent is both blessing and curse - she's inundated with feelings relating to the past history of anything she touches. This has made her avoid relationships for hundreds of years - that is, until she meets alpha Arcadian Bear shapeshifter Dev Peltier, whose presence suppresses her ability. A sizzling romance ignites.

Dev, who has guarded his family run Sanctuary in New Orleans for a couple of centuries, comes with his own baggage - strong guilt over his inability to prevent the deaths of his two older brothers when he was a child who had to take his baby sister to safety. But while Samia and Dev are falling into a lava hot relationship, Daimon leader Stryker sends minions after her, believing that Samia's talent is his key to destroying his father, Apollo. Every time Samia is taken, Dev rides (or rather teleports) to the rescue, aided by his brother-in-law Fang and by Samia's fellow Dogs. A subplot follows the emerging powers of Cajun Nick Gautier.

I can understand the appeal of Kenyon's writing, with its mix of fast-paced, violent action, vulnerable romance, and paranormal politics. This being the first of her novels I've encountered though, I had some trouble keeping up with the large cast of characters from previous stories. Still, fans will revel in No Mercy, especially this audiobook version that accentuates the amusing dialogue between Dev and Sam.

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