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Starlit    by Lisa Rinna order for
by Lisa Rinna
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Tally Jones has always dreamed of becoming an actress. Now the small town girl is living in Los Angeles, and the closest she has come to her goal is waitressing at an Oscar party with her two friends, Mandy and Sadie. At the party she sees many famous faces, and is star struck when she spots Gabriel McNamara, the hottie in a medical drama. Tally finds herself with Gabriel, outside on the patio, and soon she is in his arms, experiencing the kiss of a lifetime. Successful producer Mac Carlton has also noticed Tally's good looks, but walks away when he sees the pair in a lip lock.

Tally uses her connections when she learns there is an opening on the nighttime soap, Dana Point. The show's leading diva, Susie Sheppard wants out of her contract to pursue other interests. When Tally lands the role, the ratings soar, and soon Susie wants back into the spotlight. Susie is jealous of Tally's fresh, young look, and of the fact that she is dating Gabriel McNamara. Susie resorts to her old tricks and soon sets the wheels in motion to make Tally's life a living hell.

Once living the dream, now Tally's life takes a turn for the worse. Her financial advisor has taken off with her money. Gabe has suddenly escalated their sex life to the darker, kinkier side, and rumors abound that Tally is into drugs. Dumping Gabe is the best thing Tally could have done, and soon Mac and Tally are dating. She falls head over heels for him, but with Susie spreading lies and X-rated videos of Tally, it's not long before Mac thinks he has made a big mistake. Tally is strong and she will not go down without a fight, and soon she is out to prove Susie is behind all the bad luck that has come her way.

Starlit is a wild, sexy romp down the red carpet. It is full of outrageous characters, and gives us an inside look at the life of a star. Some of the events described are true but disguised as fiction.

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