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Two Lethal Lies    by Annie Solomon order for
Two Lethal Lies
by Annie Solomon
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

To the casual stranger Mitch Turner and his daughter Julia have the perfect relationship of doting father and perfect and adored child. But when he allows his strong willed daughter to sweet talk him into spending a couple of weeks in the small town of Crossroads, Tennessee, the lies that Mitch has so carefully nurtured over the past ten years quickly begin to unravel.

When a series of shockingly brutal murders point to Mitch as the prime suspect, every agency in the country descends on Crossroads. Mitch is summarily dragged off to jail, with no way to protect his daughter from the man Mitch knows is the real killer. The only one who believes in Mitch's innocence is Neesy Brown. She and Mitch have only worked together at the local diner for a few weeks, but during that time Neesy has discovered plenty of facets to the man, none of which paint him as a cold-blooded killer. In her determination to protect Julia and clear Mitch, however, she walks right into the trap set by the real killer - a man who has a long and bloody history with Mitch and who's determined to reclaim his biological child.

Despite Mitch and Neesy's romance being overshadowed by too much procedural information and the villain's back story and modus operandi being a bit over the top, Solomon delivers another solid suspense tale in Two Lethal Lies. Her knack for creating three-dimensional characters that readers care about will keep you reading.

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