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Mankiller, Colorado: Sidewinders    by William W. Johnstone order for
Mankiller, Colorado
by William W. Johnstone
Order:  USA  Can
Pinnacle, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Bo Creel and Scratch Morton are trouble-prone, hard- fighting cowboys whom you'd never expect to see pin on a star to bring a little law and order to a small western town. As unlikely as it may seem, that's what happens when the two men ride into the lawless Colorado boomtown of Mankiller.

Not rightly knowing exactly how they were drafted into service so quickly after arriving in Mankiller, Bo and Scratch are deputized and charged with assisting the worthless sheriff to root out the lawless element that keeps the town from being a peaceful settlement.

Taking their new positions more seriously than one would think given their past, the two Texans start a campaign to clean up Mankiller that places them in the direct line of fire of a cunning group of killers who don't intend to see a law and order group transform their stomping grounds.

No matter the odds, Bo and Scratch wouldn't ever think of backing down from a fight and they are more than willing to show they can back up their tin stars with their six guns.

It's a classic struggle which has been retold over and over in western literature, but it is still a good read. The only hope for this besieged town, and standing between the citizens and the forces of evil, are these two unassuming cowpokes. God willing (and He always is!) these two heroes will save the day. With a quick draw and stead aim, Bo and Scratch will get the job done. Then it's saddle up, say adios, and head off into the sunset.

This is a time-tested formula that works over and over again and both Johnstones can bank on it!

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