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The Murder Room    by Michael Capuzzo order for
Murder Room
by Michael Capuzzo
Order:  USA  Can
Gotham, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

If you're thinking of committing a horrendous crime, think again. You may end up with the deducting minds of the Vidocq Society hot on your trail. This group of dedicated people - who solve over 90% of the cases presented to them - would hound you until they had the evidence to convict. They specialize in cold cases such as the Little Boy in the Box, a child found on a Philadelphia field over fifty years ago, whose case still haunts many.

The Vidocq Society founding members are: former FBI and Customs Agent William Fleisher (now a private eye), who was the first to see the need to pool talents with criminologists; the world's foremost forensic sculptor, Frank Bender, who can reconstruct a victim's face even when the facial bones have been destroyed; and world renowned Richard Walter, an expert profiler.

These extraordinary men and other Vidocq Society members have solved case after case, bringing long-sought-after answers to family members of missing persons.

The Murder Room is an amazing record of an amazing group, who ask for nothing but to right the world's wrongs. This book, a fascinating compilation of some of their most recognizable cases, flows from one story to the next. We learn not only of the founders' extraordinary work but of what makes each of them tick.

The Murder Room is a most gripping book. Quickly read and very, very hard to put down.

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