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Finders Keepers: Gifted #4    by Marilyn Kaye order for
Finders Keepers
by Marilyn Kaye
Order:  USA  Can
Kingfisher, 2010 (2010)
Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Ken hears dead people. At the beginning of ninth grade, Ken and his best friend Jack race towards a soccer ball in play and collide. Ken ends up with multiple injuries and Jack ends up dead. But Jack still talks to Ken.

Ken can't explain it and usually he doesn't tell people, but now he's in the gifted class at Meadowbrook Middle School. The gifted class is taught by Madam, and all the kids there have weird gifts that are unknown to their other schoolmates. Who'd believe them anyway?

But there are people in the outside world who will believe that Emily can see the future, or that Tracy can become invisible at will, or that Amanda Beeson can slip into the body of someone else. Madam teaches the students to control their gifts and to protect themselves from people who would like to use the students and their gifts – as has happened with other members of the gifted class.

Ken does his best to ignore the voices of the dead. They're always asking for him to intervene for them with living relatives or friends. Whenever he's attempted to meet their requests things have not gone as planned. Now he's been invited to a séance. He'd like to know other people who talk to the dead. He'd like to find out how they handle the voices.

We can look forward to more about Madam's gifted class. Some of the students have only been introduced. We know some of their gifts, some of their quirks, but we haven't heard their stories yet. This is the fourth book in Kaye's paranormal series and one of the best so far.

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